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Check out our video/DVD collectionwith amateur tapes/DVDs containing around World Cup games from the past thirty years and more. Ruud Doevendans is our videomaster.

Around profiles of many of the most influential players who have shaped the history of the tournament.

Uruguay Argentina Italy Spain France Mexico Brazil Italy Switzerland United States Sweden France Chile Korea/Japan England Germany Mexico South Africa West Germany Brazil

A number of enthusiasts and experts have written hundreds of World Cup related articles on voluntary basis for Planet World Cup through the years. From nerdy statistical stuff to emotional personal experiences as ns. We always look for new contributors. If you would like to write for this website, please

Did you ever wonder if Paolo Maldini could withstand Garrincha? Could Batistuta have scored against Lev Yashin? Would Zidane and Platini have fitted into one team? Nobody will ever know since these were stars from different eras. But there is good news! Now Planet World Cup brings you The All Time World Cup.

Follow our countdown to the next World Cup which kicks off June . The tournament heads back to Europe and to Russia for the first time.

Indepth information about every team ever participating in the World Cup. From Brazil to El Salvador.World SoccerPlanet World Cup

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